Saturday, July 16, 2011

Almost a yearly update;)

Well, I did a lot, since last entry.
Burned some simulator time.
Got new radio, Turnigy 9x.
Modded it, naturally.

Made some new, exciting models.
I'll make separate blog entry for every model, with building notes, and tips and tricks.
And an entry about the radio too.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ZAGI is airborne!!

I made an 120cm Zagi with TowerPro 2406-12 motor, 18A ESC, 1600mAh 20C LiPo.
It is a blast!!
Pictures soon.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

BB's are finished

I finished both of them.
Here is how tail servos are mounted inside the fuselage.

Complete fuselages with landing gears.

And complete planes.

Due bad weather, more snow, they say, I'm not able to maiden them.
So, I'll start my nex project, Foke Wulf 190D.

I built an KFm3 wing for my BlueBaby airplane and was astonished by it.

But it is not so good looking wing.

So, to make it a bit nicer and "looking as a proper wing" I thought of this.

On picture 1 is a wing I made. I know it has a extra spar, but I had a feeling it is

too fragile so I added another spar.

On picture 2 a line is drawn which shows what will be sanded down. The red part

will be removed from wing.

Picture 3 shows sanded wing.

Picture 4 (thick line around wing) shows packing tape which will cover the wing.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fuse is RED, and landing gear is finshed!

Landing gear is made out of 110mm plastic water pipe.
I used a hacksaw to cut a ring 4cm wide at one side and 2cm wide on the other.
then made a cut at 2cm end to create a strip. Ofcourse, the plastic retained its shape
so I had to heat iti with hot air gun and bend it to get the shape I want.
Used 4mm bolts with nuts to make two "axles" for my HobbyCity wheels.
These are for testing purposes. DIY wheels will be made later.
One of the fuselages received to coats of water based white paint two days before, and one coat
of red today. I'll see how it will look after it dries completely.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two babys = twins? Not!

This is the wing which survived a crash of myDIY1 Blue Baby.
For its heroism, it will receive completely new fuselage with brand new electronics.
And new paint, or, to be more correct, tape.
This one will receive a blue-yellow packing tape skin.
I forgot to shoot inside the fuselage. Two servos with control lines made of guitar strings are allready mounted.

New KFm3 wing is made just ike the old one.
After your intervention it WILL BE!
Top of the wing with servo and controls mounted.
Bottom side.
Top side. Wing is covered with red and white TESA packing tape.

This is fuselage for red-white wing. All electronis are inside. I'm trying to get smooth coat of
water based colour (white for now, but it will be red at the end).
Still making landing gear for both.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Protech Topic 400 is finaly ready to fly

Here it is.
Way back, wrapped in foam, is RX, Multiplex Pico 4ch 40Mhz.
In front of it, small pcb, is a LiPo battery monitor, that beeps and flashes red LED when
battery voltage drops.
Next, two HXT900 9gramm servos with my push rod stoppers.
Partialy hidden in plastic is Turnigy brushed 20A ESC connected to 380 size motor.
Below the motor and on the sides are 120gramm lead weights (used to balance alloy car wheels).