Monday, August 17, 2009

Acquireing motors from CD drives

Being a member of IT support staff in a 500+ employees firm, and in this line of business for last 15 years, with several good friends with similar jobs, it was a breeze to acquire 20+ malfunctioning CDROM drives. Today, it's hard not to think about those drives that i tossed in garbage bin :(
But hey, let's start busting those.
I tore them apart and found some interesting things.
Yes, I made a mistake at start. I haven't write down model and supplier for those drives but I'll be more careful later.
This is what I dug out:
1. Brushless motors, which spin the CD or DVD, we'll use those for our DIY airplanes.
2. Plastic cogs, which load and unload CD tray. Maybe they can be used for speed reduction? Will try later on.
3. Brushed motors for lens navigation and tray movement. Several people on RC forums claim that its not "time and material effective" to work with them. But I'll keep them in a separate bin.
4. Rubber bushings for vibration absorbing. Into separate bin.
5. And at the end, an 3mm steel shaft, on which laser is driven. This can be a perfect long prop shaft.
And this is only a half of my loot.
Several of them are identical so there is a possibility to stack them and get bigger, fatter stator.
I already did it with two of them (upper right corner).
Hardest part was to remove factory supplied magnet material inside the bell. Removed those using brute force.
I left gray ones in those little buggers in first row. Removed stock wire and wound 16turns of 0,35mm on one, 12turns of 0,40mm on second. They are identical.
Two in the middle are 32turns of 0,35mm and 22 turns of 0,40mm. Also identical motors.
And the one on the left is 19turns 0,40mm.
Others will be built when my shipment of strong magnets form Switzerland. I ordered 40 pcs of 5x5x1mm and 40 pcs of 5x5x1.2mm from Total is 26 SFR with postal expences inside country, VAT included.
I found an excellent source of cheap RC goods at and will order an inexpencive dremmel like power tool.
Nexte major update will be when those items arrive. Until then I'll try to acquire some more motors, dissassemble them and create a list at this page.

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