Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blu Baby 42" constructio had started...

Following a plan (and diverting from it in certain things (wings ;)) found at I started a build of not one but TWO Blue Baby fuselages.
Thinking behind this decision is that this will be my trainer aircraft, and being a such, I think that it will be a good idea to learn and experience how different setups behave in air. Mainly I'm thinking on wing constructions.
So, these fuselages, being identical, can act like a spare fuse if God forbid I crash one beyond repair. I can go in the field and fly "the same" aircraft with different settings and different wings.
Not to mention, the we can fly both of them at the same time.

So, this is how I started it.
The plan is downloaded, printed, put together and cut away.
According the plan, I need a piece of 2" thick foam for fuselage monoblock.
I have one 4.7cm (1 inch=2.54cm) so its a 1.8" foam, and a 6cm (2.3").

And I choose the first one. Why? Closest match.

Then I traced fuselage sides and top and bootom pieces with a sharp tip pen and cut it out.

Monoblock is traced also and cut with my foam cutter.

Yes, monoblock piece has some bruises (it's a construction site find) but nothing serious, just small dents.

This is it, all fuselage parts cut out. I even glued them last night, so I'll add a picture of glued fuse later.

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