Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another one - DIY link with tube or "bowden"

I don't know its true name, but guys over here call it "bowden".
As I said before, due lack of shops with these, I decided to make it on my own and in my own way.
So, first I was thinking about a rod itself, and my first choice was round bamboo skewer with 4mm diameter. But, fellow flyer talked me out of it and suggested use of steel wire 2mm thick.
But I already got a pack of bamboo (some 50 pcs 50cm long) and PERFECT plastic tube for it.
The tube was taken from window blinds (horizontal ones). Again I'll post pictures of those later.

But then I got some 1.2, 1.7 and 2mm steel wire. All I had to find was suitable tube.
And my kids provided a solution.
A very popular juice is sold in plastic bags, and you drink it with provided thin straw.
I took couple of those for a test, but I thought it is too "soft" and flexible.
Younger kid got a sweet licker and it got much stiffer plastic tube for handle.
And I took a couple of those too.

I connected several of them with clear packing tape and got two tubes some 1m long, one is flexible and one is more rigid.
Put a 1.2mm steel wire trough rigid one and 1.7mm wire trough flexible one.
Tubes are glued to fuselage from inside, just for esthetic reasons.
At the one end wire is in Z shape, and on the other link stopper from previous post.

One more DIY task is down.

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