Saturday, August 22, 2009

Making a foam cutter

Got this wire from a cheap heater.

Wire must be unused. Used wire cracks and snaps. Unwound it and got a really long piece of wire.

To build a cutter I'm using an obsolete TV antenna. I disassembled it, removed small aluminum rods (note the holes) and cut to size. I used some pieces of metal that have a 90 degree angle built-in. In this particular case an shelf mounting bracket (white one).

Small square piece of electronic board with a tiny hole in it is glued at the bottom. heating wire is threaded trough the board and fixed to ceramic line terminal. On the other side of the terminal is a high current rated wire. Note the coaxial connector (we are calling it "chinch"). Easy to use, easy to find, cheap and I like all my potentially hazardous electrical DIY apparatus to be easily disconnected.

On the upper side is my square tube fixed in 90 degree with some zip ties (temporarily at the beginning, but they stayed... ). High current rated wire is fed trough a sqare tube to avoid kinking, touching, yanking, .... you imagine it. A small clamp is mounted on the end of the wire and soldered. I can move a clamp up and down to adjust the length of heated wire. A small X sign near the hole is from firs measurement.
I was close :).

Wire is perpendicular with the board. That is what I want.

To cut airfoil wings a man needs a long foam cutting bow. So you build one. Two strands of 3mm steel wire are twisted together and form one end of the bow. So, build another one and fit it at the other end of the already mentioned square tube. Put some cutting wire in the bow and that is it. The power is delivered trough the same wire and clamps as in previous cutter.

Got even those. Two extender boards,obsolete for its owner, and a small piece of board from a CDROM. These can be used for motor mounts. Even made one in less than two minutes.

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