Saturday, August 22, 2009

more scavenging

And this is what I got so far:

Several types of brushless motors (different diameters and bell depth). Even have 4 of the same type (upper left corner). Got two of them and stacked startors (upper right). There are two big stators and bells from 3.5" floppy drive (bottom left).

This is a stock Pentium4 (socket 478) CPU cooler. Note the two small ball bearings?
They fit perfectly for 3mm shaft :) But note that not all CPU coolers have bearings.

This is something I pulled out from a CDROM drive.
Various plastic cogs. Maybe to build a gearbox or to use them as a base for landing gear wheels.
Rubber bushing, to dampen vibrations where needed.
And the shafts. 3mm . Long enough.

More cogs and some motors found inside CDROM. Flat one drives a laser trolley, and round one powers a tray.

And this is something I'll definitely try to use. An 12 pole stator. And I got 7, SEVEN, of them. Who said LRK???

The same, but disassembled.

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