Sunday, November 1, 2009

BlueBaby is AIRBORNE !!!

And it flies like a pro :) Runway needed for takeoff : 5 meters or less. :)
First takeoff as made by a Alen, and he landed it after a minute or so for some aditional trimming.
Second takeoff was allmost followed by disaster. MOTOR FELL OFF :))))
I did not secure motor with screws, only with epoxy. When motor got some heat it melted epoxy end fell off. Well, not completely, it stayed hanging by the wires to esc.
Alen landed it, glided it to the ground. Djordje had some spare screws so we screwed it to the firewall, and took off again.
After a minute he handed me the controls. 5 minutes later, on my request, he landed it.
Motor was not too hot, Esc was warm, battery totaly cool.
I need to make some minor adjustements.
Experience with this plane will be used on fuselage no.2 and new wing.

So, my posts will be scarces now. Will post when figure out/make something interesting.

If anybody has any questions feel free to e-mail me.

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