Friday, October 30, 2009

BlueBaby 42" is finished.

Made out of 6mm izofloor, flooring thermal insulation foam. More info in previous posts. Wing is an kfm3 airfoil with ailerons driven by HXT900 servo, without dihedral.

I have built another wing, out of Styrofoam, witch is an Clark Y, with dihedral, 10x5mm spruce spar, no ailerons. Covered it with packing tape. So we will try this one too. I’ll upload a photo later.

Tail surfaces are driven by two 5gr servos. Motor is towerpro 2408-21 with 18a esc powered by 1000mah 3s lipo.

control unit is hobbycity 2.4ghz 6ch tx/rx combo
will try with several props 10x4,7, 10x05, 9x06

Landing gear is made out of three bamboo skewers glued and threaded. Wheels are made out of fish food container lids with a piece of izofloor inside.

I tried to make it as much DIY as I could so with 470 gr AUW I think it's not too bad.

Strange thing is that i had to move battery almost behind the motor to get proper cg.

Tried some taxiing and it rolled fine.

I tried to get it airborne, and it rolled on the right.

While getting it straight it flew away from tarmac onto a field where it rolled even more. Yes, I panicked and made a mistake, causing even more roll. Plane dived to the ground and crashed.

Result: - One crooked motor axle, - One broken 1047 prop - Piece of foam fell of at the nose of the plane - Wing tip on the right side fell off

Damage is fixed. I'm waiting for a modeler’s roundup at Sunday

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