Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First flyers... or somthing like that

Made some simple gliders with kids.
Downloaded some templates, printed out, cut those out, and had a lot of fun.
My kids were cutting some slingshot gliders, which you can see on images in previous post, on top of the foam. They fly/glide pretty well. And fast.
I myself tried with this one.

Three wooden spars were a pain in the *ss. Did them with sharp knife out of 1x1.5cm piece of spruce. Wing has no dihedral. Spruce is sanded like in a airfoil, so is rudder and elevator. That was not mentioned in original plans, but I did it just to see how will it come out. Son said he will do final sanding of the wing. But it flies/glides pretty well as it is. As a weight in the nose we used a pretty large nut washer.

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