Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm workin' on it

Yup, still on track.
Completed two motors, but not tested yet.
Got some stuff from hobbycity (esc, one motor, props, servos) and still waiting for radio.
BlueBaby fuses are complete, KFM3 wing is still waiting for me to bend upper part.
Got some plywood and started work on a Styrofoam cesna with "flat bottom Clark Y".
I'll try to make wings interchangeable from bluebaby to cesna and vice versa.
Found detailed info on Davis airfoil, so there is another wing to try.
1.2m depron (izofloor) Fox glider is cutted and partialy glued. It'll wait for its own electronics.
12pole motor out of floppy drive stators is on. Magnets are 6,5x5,5x3 mm. Bell will be scratchbuilt with aluminum shaft and bell top section.

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