Sunday, October 4, 2009

burried treasure is found.

A month ago, we were at coffee shop, and a colleague of mine pops up with a friend. Trough conversation I discovered that he is a model enthusiast too, but has given up some 8-9 years ago. I was invited to his house (his shed is more appropriate, because that is where we went). In there we found a Futaba SkySport 4 TX, a Protech Topic 400 electric sailplane, Ikarus Berliot III model, a RC boat and some other items.
So, for the time beeing I'll slow down a DIY (kinda shoot my self in the foot) and try to repair found planes. Yes, repair is needed. Topic 400 is missing complete electronics and a canopy (a chance for small DIY :) ). Berliot III has busted tail surfaces (3mm depron/izofloor), tail boom and broken landing gear.

On I go.

Update 16.01.2010.
First, I started on the radio. It had an 82nd CH TX crystal installed, and matching RX crystal inside MPX Pico 4ch receiver inside Berliot.
Everything was very VERY dirty .
I disassembled the radio, cleaned it with a lot of alchohol and old toothbrush followed with some distilled water and good and long drying period.
After that I switched it from mode1 to mode2 and assembled it.
Tested it and it works fine.

Berliot had an busted ESC (FET was blown away) so I ordered a spare (5pcs for $5).
Now it works. Canopy struts are busted so I have to make new one. This time from bamboo not balsa.

As for Topic, I decided to leave original motor in. Ordered 20A brushed ESC from HK as well as 1000mAh LiPo. Put it all in with two 9g servos for rudder and elevator. Push rods and tubes are DIY-ed as well as push rod stoppers on servo arms. RX is MPX Pico 4ch. I fitted a battery warn indicator as well. Canopy is made out of plastic bottle.
It came out waaay to tail heavy. I had to put 120gramm of lead in nose to get proper CG, 65mm from leading edge.
Even with this additional weight it is 182gramm for wing and 532gramm for fuselage with everything inside. Total weight si 714gramm. One source says it is 870gramm plane and the other says 860gramm (1.9lb).
The thing is that I had to place 120gramm and still 150gramm below projected weight.

I will maiden it as soon as weather allows it. Today is cold, 0 degrees Celsius, with strong NW wind.

But my garage is warm, so...
On I go

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